JEC Europe_Booth C65, Floor 7.2

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FIMALIN - Some figures

25 Industrial members
10 Non-industrial members
250 Staff involved
1.4 M Euro Overall budget
25 M Euro Research & Development budget

Coming soon :

  • Composites Meetings - Nantes november 4-5 2015 - stand 86

Previously :


R R I - Evreux october 26th, 2015

Composite Europe - Stuttgart (D) september 22-24 2015

Exhibition 'Lin et l'Autre'
- Maison du lin de Routot - from the april 1st to the october 4th 2015

Couleur Lin - Touques 13-17 august 2015

General Meeting - June 24th, 2015
- Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group - ZAC les Champs Chouette N°2 - 1, rue des Houssières - F-27600 SAINT AUBIN sur GAILLON

JEC Americas - Houston june 2-4 2015

SINAL - Châlons-en-Champagne may 19-20 2015

Meeting ' Development of ecodesigned sandwich panels - technical and environmental performances '

Participant : Patrick Borg.

SME - Yvetôt 24 april 2015 - Flax in Normandy
Round Table Meeting ' What progress for R&D ? what realisation ?' with the participation of Jean Paul Trouvé, Terre de Lin member - co-founder member.

Plant Based Summit - Lille 8-10 april 2015 -
Sponsorship Fimalin

Housse N'Caux
- Parc des expositions de Rouen - april 3th 2015 - Sponsorship Fimalin
Contest on the booth - Reward : Technical Flax phone cover
Winner of the sustainable development prize

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March 10, 11,12 2015 - JEC Europe - JEC Composites Shows and Conferences - Paris Porte de Versailles - Booth C65, Floor 7-2


On the show case :

- Shower tray Le Monde de la Pierre made of slate and technical flax

- 'Phoenix III' car made by students. The car body is in technical flax




Create, organize and promote a technical flax industry dedicated to the development of ecodesigned products that incorporate high-performance flax fibre.


Sector's goal is to make technical flax the third most-used reinforcement fibre for composites, after glass and carbon, in order to open the way for ecopolymers, ecocomposites and the creation of a new agroindustrial field of activity.


How :

Federate, through its members, all the players along the value chain, from varietal selection to the end consumer : culture and transformation of the plants, manufacture of roving, technical textile products and fibre-reinforced polymer compounds. In the way of processing tools, Fimalin utilizes technologies like injection, extrusion, infusion, forming and RTM.