Groupe DEHONDT - contact :

With a wealth of expertise in natural fibres and especially in flax fibre, Groupe DEHONDT® launches an innovative range of composite reinforcements: FLAX TECHNIC®.

FLAX TECHNIC® exploits the intrinsic mechanical properties of long flax fibres and fills a slot in the market next to glass and carbon reinforcements, opening prospects along the path toward eco-composites.

Groupe DEHONDT® is present at all stages of the technological transformation of raw materials for the flax industry:

-Design, manufacture and marketing of materials and industrial equipment

-Marketing of flax fibre reinforcements and semi-products

FLAX TECHNIC® includes 3 types of reinforcements:

NATTEX®, TWINFLAX®, LINTEX®, which are processed according to their application: automobile, aeronautics, rail, marine, sport & leisure, construction, etc.

Winner of the 'Sports & Leisure' JEC Innovation Award 2013.

Winner of Agrobiobase Award 2013.

Flaxtechnic - Flax, an innovating plant

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ARKEMA CERDATO - contact :
First French Chemical Company, world class chemical group, ARKEMA combines 3 business segments: High Performance Materials, Industrial Specialties, Coating Solutions.
Present in more than 40 countries with 14000 co-workers, ARKEMA has a 6,5 billion turnover. With its 10 research centres in France, the United States, Japan and China, along with internationally known brands, ARKEMA occupies leading positions in its main markets.
Arkema is a global supplier of high performance bio-based thermoplastic polymers (e.g. RILSAN®)

CLEXTRAL - contact :

The equipment manufacturer CLEXTRAL, a Division of LEGRIS INDUSTRIES Group, supplies turnkey processing solutions, relative to twin screw extrusion and drying technologies, in areas such as Chemistry-Plasturgy, Food and Feed industries, and Paper Pulp industry.

CLEXTRAL has two Research centres (in France and in the United States), and is present all over the world thanks to its subsidiaries and offices in the United States, Chile, Algeria, Morocco, Denmark, Russia, China, Vietnam  and Australia.

Clextral - The new standard for extrusion excellence

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DEDIENNE - contact :
DEDIENNE MULTIPLASTURGY® Group is specialized in the manufacturing of components and assemblies in technical and composite plastics from prototype to small and large production runs.

It is structured around 5 axis of expertise along with its knowledge of high performance polymer materials and composites.

Dedienne - The expertise is unique, the know-how is vast

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TERRE DE LIN - contact :

TERRE DE LIN is an agricultural cooperative, active in all areas of flax production, and is the main european flax fibres producer. Its activities are: creation of fibre varieties using a genetics laboratory, extraction and preparation processes, the qualification of fibres, and finally the international commercialization.

It has 5 industrial sites located in Normandy. It is a fully “AgriConfiance” certified.